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CNC Milling


CNC Milling

As technology progresses the expectations for sub-contract engineers to produce complex parts becomes more of a realisation. Thanks to our dedicated staff and modern machinery, the only time parts become out of our reach is when its physical size exceeds the machine parameters.

Thanks to the diversity of products over the years, from automotive through to food and beverage our milling section has developed into one of the main assets to the company. Using the latest tooling and backup from major manufacturers our ability to create cost savings while still producing tight tolerance high class products allows us to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

4th axis integrated VMC’s with capacities up to a metre in length and also our twin pallet Okuma MA600 HMC with its unique “turncut” function (please see video). With the flexibility of through coolant and tool change times of 1.2 seconds, we hope that this shows our intent as a long term high investment company, with high volume work capabilities and strong customer and quality focus.